Professional Decking Installation from CK Caravan Services

What we Offer

AT CK Caravan Services Ltd, our designers are experts in their field and have over two decades of experience working with commercial and private static home owners. Using the very best materials, our on-site machining facilities ensures that all timber supplied is of the highest quality. We offer a bespoke service delivering every aspect of professional decking including intricately patterned decks, non slip surfaces, ramps and contemporary glass screens.


Our decking is produced from environmentally friendly material. We use the finest hard wood, baked for 200 hours to ensure a flawless finish that compliments the natural surroundings of your static home.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our materials and craftmanship, that our decking carries a fifteen year guarantee after installation.


Gone are the days of slippery wooden decks. We now offer premium decking made with the latest in non-slip materials offering usage the whole year round.

Decking to Suit Your Budget!

We have a range of Decking to suit every budget.

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Professional Decking Installation from CK Caravan Services

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